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Hello Hello!  My name is Dalinda and I am the founder of DDS Hair Services. Over the past few years, I have found out that being a Braider is more than just braiding hair. It's a passion and its about helping my client enhance their beauty and uplifting their confidence. I want all women to feel beautiful & confident, because with beauty and confidence comes the ability to be a better version of yourself. 

Everyday I am aiming to improve myself whether through reading self help books, watching hair tutorials to improve my skills. I use everyday as a learning day for me.

I am very passionate about what I do and that's why what I do doesn't feel like work to me. 

DDS Hair Service goal is to provide exceptional and affordable services.

disclaimer  We reserve the right to change our service prices at any time with or without further notice. However, if you have booked before any changes were mad  we guarantee that price for that service. 

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