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Payments & Fees

✔️ A $30 deposit is required to book which will go towards your final bill. (E-transfer: ) If your deposit isn't sent the appointment will be canceled.

✔️ I understand life happens, so I will allow you to change the date 1 time with the same deposit if you are unable to make it to the original date you booked for. Try your best to select the day which you are available for. Deposits are refundable ONLY if you cancel with in 48 hours before your original scheduled appointment. 

Hair Prep

💚 Come with your hair washed and blow dried or add it to your appointment. Hair wash service is also now available if you wish to add  it to your appointment 

💚  I am able to offer FREE blends of braiding hair together under one condition. That is you bring in the braiding hair at least 1 day before your scheduled hair appointment so that I can properly blend it to perfection.  your appointment.

Late & Cancellation Policy ⌛️🚫

🚫 I have a 15 min MAX grace period for clients running late. If you are running late I ask that you just let me know by a quick text and I can accommodate. If I am not able to accommodate your appointment will be canceled and your deposit will not be refundable. 


Media & Marketing 📸

💚 While performing your service (or upon completion), I may take photos or record videos to market my skills across social media. Yes I would like to get pictures but it is not a force, I respect everyone's privacy. If you would like me to blur out your face or something that identify you let me know. I most often will ask verbally " are you alright with me taking pictures and videos" if your are not okay with pictures I have no issues with that, your choice is very much respected.



If you have any questions/ concerns I am just a text/phone call away. 

By booking you acknowledge that you have read, agree to and fully understand the policy of DDS Hair Service. Thank you for your continued support! 


 DDS Hair Service length chart

* Not my work! just used as an Illustration of my lengths* 


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