Loyalty Cards & Special discounts

I have sat down and ponder on creative ways I can give back to all my loyal clients. I have came up with offering a Loyalty Cards with exclusive benefits along with a Client referral card

Below are details of how each card works.

The first card ( DDS LOYALTY CARD ) offer the benefit of getting an exclusive 50% off on your 5th hair service with me. This is a little treat to say thank you for your continued support. 

This card will need to be stamped by me at your appointment  so don't forget to bring it with you. If you do forget it, consider it a skipped stamp. It's your responsibility to remember to bring it in with you. I suggest putting it in your wallet to help you remember. I don't have the capacity to remember how many stamps I owe you from previous appointments. 

With this card it is only to be used by YOU and NO ONE ELSE. Your friends or family would need to start their own card if they would like to get the benefit this card offers.  


The second card is called DDS REFER A FRIEND CARD. This card is to be used to refer your family or friends to me so that YOU AND THEM  can get $15 off your service. The more you refer the more you get off your appointment.

So for example you refer Anna and Beth to me and they follow through with their appointment that is $30 off your next appointment. because it counts as $15 off for each person you referred before your next appointment. 

Also Anna and Beth would both get their $15 off their appointments because you referend them. Its a simple way to get rewarded. I love meeting new people, so this would mean a lot  to me. Thank you in advance for trusting me to take care of family and/or friends in providing them with exceptional service. 


Questions You may have 

1. What if I have 4 services in with you already and I refer 2 people to you and they follow through with their appointment does that mean I still get get 50% off my next hair appoint and an additional $30 off my service?

Answer: Yes it does. So if you are are coming in for your 5th appointment and you already referred 2 clients BEFORE your 5th appointment that means you will get 50% + an extra $30 off for your 5th service. So for example the service is $150 and we apply this discount it will equal only $45 that you pay for your service! 

2. Does my offer expire? 

Answer: Yes for the loyalty card it is expired after 1 year of not using it. So for example you had 2 appointments with me so far and you stop coming for a year you will have to start a new loyalty card. For the Referrals card it is expired 6 months of not using your discount. 


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